About Me

My name is Cassie and I am here to connect with you all in an attempt to hold myself accountable and maybe inspire a few people along the way. I love to be active and have always enjoyed a good sweat and endorphin high. Recently I’ve made the decision to follow my heart and pursue a career in the fitness/wellness industry. Currently in the process of switching majors from nutrition to exercise science not because I prefer one more than the other, because I am equally passionate about the two, but for reasons that I will likely blog about soon. Stay tuned for that one!

I live in Portland, OR with my sweet boyfriend and we have a cat named Chloe. I’m a student and a bartender but will soon be hopefully working in another industry. I am currently studying material from NASM to become a certified personal trainer. Super exciting stuff – I’ve always thought that would be such a fun job. I love the gym and I love to run but I love to do anything really that gets the blood flowing especially if there is sunshine involved.

My plans for this blog are to reach out to and motivate some people to join me on this journey to live a healthy, active lifestyle while keeping a balance in all areas of life. I have had my times through the years where I have literally been obsessive about workout plans, diet plans and strict guidelines to limit me from indulging in much of anything at all. That does not work well for me, personally. I’m an all or nothing kind of a girl and that just does not allow for a very balanced lifestyle. Consistency is the key to success of all kinds and I am on a mission to taste that sweet taste of success.


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