So many choices…Which gym is right for me?

I live in Portland, Oregon where living a fit & active lifestyle is not uncommon. In fact, Forbes ranked Portland #4 out of the top 20 healthiest cities in America in this 2013 poll. In the last year alone three different smaller gym franchises opened in the small neighborhood I work. I got to thinking about these smaller gym franchises and how they expected to succeed when there is a fairly new, massive 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport just up the road. These smaller gyms must have something unique to offer and I wanted to know.

I’ve been a member of 24 Hour Fitness since 2001 and while I have taken a couple short breaks over those years I always have gone back to 24 Hour Fitness for a couple reasons: it is familiar, comfortable, convenient and they are everywhere. I love my gym and the comfort of familiarity and routine but I am going to take some time to explore these different gyms and get outside of my bubble for a bit.

Over the next month or so I am going to research a variety of different gyms around Portland and make use of their trial membership to explore what it is that makes each of them unique. What are the pros? …and cons? Maybe there is a gym out there that might not be an obvious choice, but could potentially offer more of what you are looking for personally. I’m excited to branch out and meet some new people but most importantly I’m looking forward to pushing myself beyond my comfort zone as I step into a new gym each week.

Here is a list of gyms I have to explore:

Lloyd Athletic Club – 815 NE Halsey St  Portland, OR 97232
(503) 287-4594

LA Fitness – 1270 NE Weidler St  Portland, OR 97232
(503) 734-2950

Snap Fitness – 7110 SE Milwaukie Ave  Portland, OR 97202
(503) 334-1887

The Green Microgym – 1237 NE Alberta St Portland, OR 97211
(503) 933-2230

Anytime Fitness – 1538-1540 Columbia Blvd St. Helens, OR 97051
(503) 397-0027

Crunch – 12112 SE Division St Portland, OR 97236
(503) 894-9790

There are a ton of other gyms in this town but for now I’ve narrowed it down – adding others is always an option though. I look forward to keeping you updated on my findings and fun with fitness!

What do you look for when choosing a gym? 

What are some of your biggest pet peeves in the gym?

What are some of your favorite things your gym offers?

Any PORTLANDERS here?????? 



About eatlovefit

Fitness enthusiast obsessed with body movement and nutrition. I am majoring in exercise science and currently working to obtain a certification as a personal trainer.
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