Get your focus on!

Hey ya’all!!! I have been seriously slacking on the blog effort over the last month. Totally lame. I already know…

However…the goal in life is to do your best with what you can, right? Well that is how my efforts are directed each day anyway. I can list a ton of excuses reasons for why I have been able to justify my slacker style but those are likely of no concern to you so I will move on to more important nonsense reasons for the sudden burst of motivation.

It is only May and here in the beautiful Northwest, more specifically Portland, Oregon, we have had about TEN consecutive days of beautiful, warm, absolutely mesmerizing sunshine. A-freaking-mazing for us soggy folk living up here in the rainforest of the northwest. I literally thank the beautiful weather Goddesses each morning I wake up to a bright ray of sunshine piercing my eyelid telling me to get up and enjoy this beautiful life! I’ve got to say one thing that is amazing about living in an area where rain and clouds are the norm and that is…people in these parts really, truly, genuinely know how to appreciate the sunshine! I mean really, all it takes is a few rays to get the whole town outside going about their business with beautiful smiles and warm hello’s. For real. I know I am not the only one who notices this and it is freakin awesome to be a part of.

As far as the fit life goes I have been doing pretty well since the last time I posted on my blog. That includes the last month or so minus the last week. Reason for that is my other half made his way home from his new life in La Paz, Mexico for a week of indulgent loveliness. I couldn’t waste a moment in the gym. School and work already took enough time away from enjoying family, friends and his company. We had a great time and it was all well worth it!


Now it is back to the grind. And I don’t mean that lightly. BACK.TO.THE.GRIND. I’m not sure I’ve ever looked forward to a serious crunch time more than I ever have this one. I feel like my life is in complete disarray right now – with the man living in Mexico, school kicking my bootie, summer right around the corner and about a million changes coming my way. I need some control over my life. Like ASAP. Which is why I have decided that for the next six weeks I will do my best to committing to living one of those “Type A” people lifestyles. I’ve got a plan.

Are you one of those “type A” people?? 

I know that I am not. While I try to be…usually I end up being my own worst enemy. It is so hard for me to go against my will, so to speak. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 😉


I am going back to Week 7 in the James Wilson Body Built Program starting tomorrow. You can find info on this seriously amazing program here:  I’m almost to Week 10 so this might feel redundant, but it is what I want to do so….gonna take it back a couple weeks and stick to it! I’ve also made up a generic meal plan for myself and aside from a glass (or two) of wine here and there I will be mindful to stick to my plan. Here me now when I say – I am not one to plan out my meals and only stick to those because eating anything not on the plan might ruin everything. That is just not me. I’m a normal girl, living a normal life which just happens to be very busy and full of more than just gym and the kitchen. I enjoy my family, their cooking, my friends and the excursions we might end up on. However I do promise to be mindful of my choices and not just indulge in random extras, more than normal.  {I am known to indulge in many random extras……like those random extras that I ever want, well I have – usually}

This is not about a 4-6-8 week no cheat plan. My plan is to remain focused and consistent over the rest of the school term – until the middle of June. I’ve got no partner to distract myself with, school is extremely busy, I’ve just taken on a second job and the ultimate goal is to focus on doing what I have to do to get myself where I need to be come the end of June. In addition to the ever so perfect timing of being able to rock that hot bikini bod upon completion of sticking to these goals, I know I will feel confident and strong throughout my efforts because doing all these things will be what I know is best for my health, mentality, success and overall well being. Sounds like a win-win situation and I am truly excited to give the next 6-8 weeks 110%.

How do you all stay motivated when you have to be focused and dedicated for any given amount of time?

What are some of your goals over the next couple months?

Do you have any specific goals or plans laid out to prepare for the summer?


About eatlovefit

Fitness enthusiast obsessed with body movement and nutrition. I am majoring in exercise science and currently working to obtain a certification as a personal trainer.
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