A little late is better than never…

Happy Monday (or almost Tuesday) virtual friends! 🙂 

I’ve been pretty busy trying to adjust to a new term with classes that are pretty heavy on the time consuming part of life. I always get a bit off track at the start of every new term of school mainly because I get really used to a routine and starting a new one basically terrifies me. I always feel like at any moment I might lose control and forget something, miss something important or just plain not invest the time needed to succeed from the get go. This term is no different from the rest, except it’s even busier and more time consuming than I’m used to. <sigh> 

Anyway…..I’m feeling good! I hope you all are having a day full of good feelings as well. 

I ran across this photo while perusing the internet over the weekend


…and it really got me thinking….

I almost had this *aha* moment of clarity where I honestly asked myself if I would allow for myself to be my friend in real life. Would I? Would you? 

About a bajillion scenes popped into my head where I sometimes thought highly of myself and then others where I criticized myself. When I discouraged myself from following through in various situations simply because of negative self talk. Times where I felt strong and pushed through those negative thoughts and others where I simply did not have the courage to beat down the demons which allowed me to think so negatively about myself. 

Now, I am not saying that I don’t provide any positive self-talk throughout the day. But I am acknowledging that the amount of negativity I allow myself to feel and think is much more than I would tolerate from a friend or acquaintance in my life. 

On that note I’d like to encourage all of you to join me as I make a conscious effort to be my own best friend. No more of that self-indulging negativity. Onward to holding my thoughts accountable and if they are not encouraging some sort of positive vibration within my soul I will kick that negativity to the curb! 




About eatlovefit

Fitness enthusiast obsessed with body movement and nutrition. I am majoring in exercise science and currently working to obtain a certification as a personal trainer.
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