Are you feeling that Monday Motivation?

Yes, I know…it’s suppose to be about the Monday Blues and there is nothing motivating about that pile of responsibility waiting for you to take on after a weekend of fun and relaxation. zZZZzzZZ

This Monday is the first in a brand new month and the start of a new term at my college and we are in the first weeks of Spring. I say we just forget the Monday Blues (boring) and let’s get motivated!

positive mind

What do you do when you are looking to feel motivated? 

  • Exercise is probably my #1 way to get out of a funk. Once I’m finished with that workout I forget that I had to practically drag myself to the gym in the first place.
  • Thinking about my goals is also quite motivating. I’ll jot down a long term goal then a few of the short term goals that need to be completed first. Next I start to plan out what I need to be doing to accomplish those goals. Usually it is right about here that I start feeling excited ready to make things happen.
  • Other times I’ll just read some of my favorite blogs and seek out motivation through those that inspire me to be the best me.

Now that I am starting to write in my very own blog I think I will post each Monday some of the things that were motivating to me throughout the week. Maybe it will help someone have a better day. Who knows?

For my very first Motivational Monday I’d like to remind everyone how important it is to not give up, to keep persisting even when it might feel like your feet are stuck to the ground. I promise that when they start moving again it is likely that they will be stronger and faster than they were before that bit of struggle.

I went snowboarding again last week. If you haven’t read my previous blog about the last time I went snowboarding let me just tell you that I was pretty sore for a while. It was fun and I loved it but I just fell. a lot. hard. sometimes face first. If you can imagine I was a bit apprehensive about whether or not I wanted to risk going through that again so soon and I was not even sure about going up the mountain at first. But I did and despite feeling less than confident I gave myself a little pep talk and remembered to focus on not falling this time. Well, I did fall twice that first run down the mountain but they were not painful falls – I was in control this time. That first run was so much fun and I could not get enough – I think I went down about nine times throughout the day which was more than twice the number of runs I made the last time. It was so much fun and I cannot wait to get out there more next season! I could have stayed off my board for the day and probably still had a nice time but that would have been nowhere near as memorable as the day I had because I didn’t give up. I faced up to the fear, owned my nerves and put myself in control. As a result, the feeling of accomplishment that came with persisting through the apprehension was more than worth it.



About eatlovefit

Fitness enthusiast obsessed with body movement and nutrition. I am majoring in exercise science and currently working to obtain a certification as a personal trainer.
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