Shamrock Run 2013 – 15k

Last weekend was the 35th annual Shamrock Run in Portland, Oregon. This run is pretty epic as it marks the start of the running season for many Portland runners. We were lucky enough to not only have this day fall on actually St. Patrick’s Day this year but to have the weather cooperate. 

The first time I ran in this event was last year and it was so much fun that I decided to join the club and turn it into a tradition. I set my alarm the night before to wake me up at 5:45am that way I could make sure to leave my house by 6:45 and get downtown, find parking, make a stop at the port-a-potty and get my booty in line with the rest of the 9 min miler runners. 


Everything went as planned except the race line was so crowded I ended up near the back of the herd which worked out just fine. Over the last year I really haven’t been running much. I started training to run my first marathon last spring and ran too much too fast and ended up hurting my knee a bit. Out of fear I switched my life around and focused on strength training. I try to run at least 1x per week maybe only 3x per month as long as my body feels up to it. To train for this 15k I realized one month prior that I had not run more than 3 miles since last November! I ran 2x per week, one long and one short, for the few weeks leading up to this. 

The run was beautiful, energy was certainly not lacking for there were 9,000 running the 15k portion and 35,000 runners in all. Near mile 4 is where we began the climb the Terwilliger curve and head near OHSU at the top of the hill. There are two portions to the incline and the total climb lasts until near mile 7. It was beautiful up there this morning! The sun was shining down on us as we made our way back down the hill. There was a moment I had to put my hands up and face toward the sun to just soak in the moment. *this is why I love to run – it feels amazing!*

I stopped to take a picture but this shot just did not do the actually beauty of the morning any justice. So as to get my booty back out to the race I did not waste time to try capturing the perfect shot. This would have to do: 



At the finish line there was all sorts of commotion – 8k finishers in the lane to the left, all of the 15k finishers waiting to have their timing chips removed, medals being handed out, etc. I searched for my people who I knew must have been waiting to see me finish. There were people everywhere! But we found each other and they saw me sprint through the finish line. 



I was proud to have made it across the finish line about 30 seconds earlier than I did last year. My goal was to come in at least 1 second sooner so I’d say that was a successful Shamrock. I have to admit my dissapointment though to realize that my avg time per mile was 9:01. I kick myself for stopping to try to take a photo. To have it be in the 8:00 range would have been ultimate goal smashing but maybe next year. I was happy with my performance especially given all of the changes that were made over the last year to my training as a runner. 

My sister in law was there with some friends and she met us across the street for breakfast. It was delicious. Devoured in maybe 3.2 seconds and the Spanish Coffees definitely warmed me up. 



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